why think



I don’t think February is any more depressing than any other month, but I like Bill Watterson. That’s him in the comic, doesn’t he look suspiciously like Calvin’s dad? Like, from Calvin and Hobbes? It’s funny.

Apparently I will do anything to avoid writing a paper, I even turned on my roommate’s television. According to the TV guide, Home Improvement was going to be on channel 19, however, Nick News is on instead. Nick News with Linda Ellerbee, the same freaking lady who has been doing Nick News since I was six. She looks older, of course, but her voice is exactly the same. I remember it so clearly, because when this show came on, it meant I had to go to bed.

This one’s about black history month. I wonder if children are learning anything from this? I guess they’re probably all sleeping right now.


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