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sparks fly


So you know those fake facebook pages that people make sometimes? Today our Latin professor handed out one for Virgil, because she said she knew it was funny, but she knew it would be funnier if she knew what STFU meant or what walls were and how people went offline.We spent 20 minutes explaining it […]

meet me


Yesterday, I went to Starbucks. I just had some water, because I’m on a no caffeine diet currently, for some reason. It was a perfectly lovely day, so Michael and I sat outside at a table. I read a funny book, Michael read a more serious one. And a bird shat right on my book. […]

comes and goes


This is kind of embarrassing but it still makes me laugh sometimes. When I was in elementary school, I worshipped the library (still do, I guess). We would go every week and we could get two books each and it was so incredible. In the middle of the library was a podium, and a different […]

come now


I like my Latin teacher a lot. I wish more professors were like her. Today in class, she called on me to lead the class on going through our test from last week while she passed out papers. I was expected to walk to the front of the class and point to our test on […]

blame it on me


Someone took The Baby-sitters Club books and turned them into graphic novels. I would give anything to read that whole series again (I read every book a dozen times when I was younger), but not in this form. It’s really weirding me out. I think part of my social issues stem from the fact that […]

instant results


When I was in third grade my best friend’s name was Raleigh. We were always in a competition for some reason and since she already had a cooler name, I really had to step it up. Once I got glasses we were kind of even, and so I felt smug about my poor vision. People […]



I don’t know why I hate vacuuming so much. It really irks me. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t seem like you’re actually accomplishing anything? When they’re vacuuming the hallway it pisses me off just as much. That might be because I’m trying to sleep though. I know it seems weird, because I kind of like […]