best definition of good intention


Life is so exhausting sometimes. This morning in English 210 we were discussing a story that I rather enjoyed. The people who did not like it surprised me, because I thought it was so good. While the teacher was reading it out loud, this guy came in and wrote on the board, “I’m stealing this money because I want to steal it,” and took $20 from our teacher’s purse and left. Our teacher never stopped reading and pretended like it didn’t happen and so we all just sat there.

A little later we were talking about the story, we all had to go around and talk about why we did or didn’t like it. I really wanted the people to explain their reasons for disliking it but just as we got to one of them, this girl walked in. She had on a short skirt and tall boots, and she walked to the board and made a ruckus. She wrote “Jayne Mansfield” and some other things and then started taking pictures of it.

It really pissed me off because I wanted to know why these people didn’t like the story we had to read but everyone was so distracted we couldn’t get anything done. The teacher would try to ask a question and the girl would do something loud, like search through her bag for a book or exclaim. I felt angry because it seemed like I was being tricked. Obviously she wasn’t supposed to be there but no one was willing to point that out.

I wish I had done something, but like everyone else, I guess, I didn’t know what to do. It was so aggravating, trying to get something done with something so distracting around. At the end of the class she wanted us to write a story and make the disturbances seem commonplace, but I didn’t want to. I wanted to know why they didn’t like the story.


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  1. 1 alegnala

    driving off on your blind man’s bike, you can say just what you like, oh nothing can stop you…

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