a simple whisper


Oh, what an uneventful day. I just pulled out some graham crackers cause I’m hungry and on the back of the box are directions for s’mores. I thought maybe they’d have an extra special step, like adding honey or how to get your chocolate to melt, but nope. Just super lame in depth instructions that everyone already knows.

Believe it or not, they expired yesterday. I guess I’ll eat some cherries.

Someone told me a while ago that I spent my life passing the time. It seemed rude, and I kind of wanted to hit him, but the more I think about it, the more painfully true it seems. But maybe it’s not as bad as it sounds. I intend to spend the afternoon passing time drinking tea and doing homework, and after that, hopefully I’ll pass some more time with my fantastic friends and then I’ll pass some time sleeping and and then going to class and then I’ll start over, interspersing other activies in my time passing.

What else are we supposed to do? I wonder what he does that he thinks he’s not simply passing the time?


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