As a person who now spends about an hour a day on the highway, I can bitterly say that people are dicks.

They go too slow or too fast, they don’t let you pass or they stay too close to the back of your car when there is PLENTY of room for them to go around. They slow down without warning and, I’m certain, try to keep you from getting anywhere before them. Sometimes though, people go so slow I wonder if they know something I don’t.  Basically, they don’t do what I want them to do and isn’t that the general conclusion of why people don’t like other people?

I guess it’s not so bad, especially when I’m not in a hurry. It’s nice to listen to the radio for a change. Sometimes it kind of sucks – I’m looking at you, 96.9’s 80’s lunch hour – but most of the time it’s OK. Random 90’s music that I totally forgot about? “I’m Yours” five times a day? Two Coldplay songs in a row? You’re too kind.


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