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Multicolr Search Lab is amazing. You choose some colors and it uses photos on Flickr to create a collage with those colors. I think it’s the best when you choose just two colors, because the pictures are so gorgeous and vibrant. But add another color and it still looks fantastic. Add a ton of colors […]

Arizona students protest a proposed 40% budget cut, striking $243 million from state university budgets For some reason the religious studies advisor is in one of my classes and he said today, very blatantly, that they would cut the major if the proposal passed, and the only people secure in it would be the ones […]

Life is so exhausting sometimes. This morning in English 210 we were discussing a story that I rather enjoyed. The people who did not like it surprised me, because I thought it was so good. While the teacher was reading it out loud, this guy came in and wrote on the board, “I’m stealing this […]

Oh, what an uneventful day. I just pulled out some graham crackers cause I’m hungry and on the back of the box are directions for s’mores. I thought maybe they’d have an extra special step, like adding honey or how to get your chocolate to melt, but nope. Just super lame in depth instructions that […]



This is a pretty interesting video. It’s called Instruction Manual for Life. I like how, at the end, even though he doesn’t have a cupboard anymore, he still celebrates all the people that do. Plus, the newest love of my life:

I bet


The other day with my mom and Keith: Keith: Look at that cocksucker, all those fucking cows, what a jerk. Hey, freakshow, get outta the road! Me: God DAMN that is a lot of dead cows. My mom: LISA NICOLE! Do not say ‘G-D’, say gosh. Sorry, Mom, next time I’ll say cocksucker or fuck.



I’m reading a memoir, it’s great. I might read more, I might write one. I’m not sure what I would include though. Once, I can’t even remember how old I was, but my mom and I were at Fry’s Marketplace. It was a quick trip, and we got in the 10 items or less lane. […]