wishy wash table top


My new phone is beautiful. It’s purple and that’s all that really matters. It has a really shitty camera though. My old phone had an amazing camera, and it was easy to document my day whenever I thought it was necessary.

The other day Emily and I discovered a sign that needed such documentation and while I took a picture, it’s unfortunately of low caliber.

It’s a sign that says, “IS IT RECYCLABLE?” and beneath that it has pictures of plastic on the left and glass on the right. By the plastic is a sign that says, “YES!” and by the glass it says, “NO!” Apart from the point that glass IS recyclable, on one of the glass pictures, it CLEARLY has the green recycable sign.

is-it2Yesterday we went to the Fourth Ave street fair. Oh, do I regret having such poor camera capabilities. Never will you know the beauty of tye-dye g-strings, sno kones in winter,  or 50 chilis tied together for no apparent reason. I was lucky enough to use the bathroom at O’Malley’s, so I can share this shining gem of graffiti.


And now a final picture from my defunct phone:


It’s a caterpillar and a bee. Yeah, I can’t find the bee right now, but it was definitely there when I took the picture.


2 Responses to “wishy wash table top”

  1. 1 james

    lol lisa, definitely smack dab center of the picture.

  2. 2 plasticroses

    So it is!

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