we’ll take the chances


Last night I had band practice. Everyone was really surprised when Bill Murray showed up and asked if we wanted to go do some Karaoke. Of course we said yes!

Then he invited us out for some sushi, but I don’t really like sushi so I said no. Instead,I drove 25 minutes away to the nearest TCBY to have the country’s best yogurt. And boy was it good!

After that I hooked up with everyone else again and we all went ice-skating. I didn’t fall at all, but Bill fell at least 20 times. Nobody said anything though, because he paid. From there we went to Waffle House which he had never been to before! We had some good laughs and delicious food and everyone was happy.

We got home late but I still had time to paint my nails. No matter how hard I try, even if I paint it on perfectly, I can’t sit still long enough to avoid fucking them up. Such is life.

Now I’m full and will probably go to Mexico later.

All right, none of this is true except I did paint my nails and mess them up. And isn’t this a nice bag?


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