false cold december


For some reason, there is a Wikipedia page about Arizona alumni. There’s a lot of weird randoms, like Greg Kinnear, Nicole Richie, Jerry Bruckheimer, Kurt Busch, Linda McCartney, Bob Dole and then a bunch of people I’ve never heard of. Bizarre, right? Well, the first one under P is Page the village idiot. I figured it was a joke, some ASU kid that edited it for giggles that was never caught.

As it turns out, Page the Village Idiot is a real, live, oddball musician from Phoenix that graduated from U of A with a masters in Information Science, whatever that is.

I think it’s kind of pathetic that our school colors are so because the jerseys were cheaper. How lame.

On Tallulah Bankhead’s Wikipedia, the first line simply says she was an american actress, talk-show host, and bon vivant. Isn’t that just grand?

I should probably stop reading Wikipedia. There’s work to be done.


One Response to “false cold december”

  1. 1 inenarrable

    You really do need to stop reading Wikipedia…it’s making me want to go read it instead of doing calculus homework or other important things, like stalking friends on Facebook.

    Also, Information Science is pretty sweet – the school is Information Resources and Library Science, which is totally what I’m going to get my masters in.


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