parting gift


I’m reading a book about Katherine of Aragon, the Queen of England, you know, married to Henry VIII? Of course, everyone knows. It’s just so upsetting because I feel like each time I turn the page I’m getting closer and closer to tragedy and I can hardly stand it. Her life was so unfortunate.

I think it’s strange how royal families are so plagued with heartbreak. What’s up with that? They have more power than anyone else in the country but then they never have any sons or their husband dies six months after they marry him or the country turns on them. The lack of sons in royal families astounds me. It’s always SUCH an issue in history, and it’s funny, because there are probably thousands of women having sons out of wedlock, but the royal family can’t even do it. Perhaps it has something to do with all the inbreeding. How tragic.

I suppose that’s why I’m obsessed with them. Royal families, I mean. It’s so sad, I can’t help but clutch my chest in distress and read on.


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