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parting gift


I’m reading a book about Katherine of Aragon, the Queen of England, you know, married to Henry VIII? Of course, everyone knows. It’s just so upsetting because I feel like each time I turn the page I’m getting closer and closer to tragedy and I can hardly stand it. Her life was so unfortunate. I […]

I just wrote a 10 page paper in less than four hours. If you’re not ecstatic, I don’t really care, because I certainly am. I cited three books, you wouldn’t believe how easy it is to create a citation now. All you have to do is type in the ISBN and it makes it for […]

Nothing is better than an 80 degree Friday in the middle of November blowing bubbles outside without a care in the world. Except maybe spending hours making videos and then walking to the gas station at four in the morning for some Wavy Lay’s. Now I’m sitting in my room, eating them, listening to The […]

get set go

12Nov08 I wrote a review about Seven Cups for the paper and they linked to my story in their blog. If that isn’t the most exciting thing ever I don’t know what is. How fantastic. In other news, Afghanistan and Pakistan are not part of the Middle East, which doesn’t have really explicit boundaries anyway, […]

heard you


There are 23 stairs to get up to my Latin class. For theatre appreciation, it’s 27. Twenty-one for my room. It’s 62 or 64 stairs up to my philosophy of religion class, depending on which entrance I take. I was about halfway up the staircases to class when I realized this guy was talking to […]

Yesterday, I received the most substantial paycheck since summer. It was amazing. I want to do something crazy with it, like buy season 1 of Boy Meets World on DVD. Or this shirt: I should buy a new phone, one that can send texts and turn off. But a red lips phone would be cooler: […]



“Arizona Daily Wildcat, how can I help you?” “Hi, this is Bruce, uh, from Massachusetts?” “…Yes?” “Yeah, I’m trying to help McCain/Palin win, so I thought I’d try out there, this is a newspaper in Tucson, correct?” “Yes, that’s correct, this is the Arizona Daily Wildcat… Uh, how can I help?” “A student newspaper?” “Yes.” […]