do we sit by the light, alone


I worry a lot, but you would never notice.

I just want to talk to someone who understands. Not just someone who cares, or who listens. Someone who knows how to fix me.

I’m pretty sure that person doesn’t exist. Not just for me, but for everyone. It’s not that I don’t enjoy staying awake until four in the morning sitting on someone’s floor and talking with my friends. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to spend a Saturday doing so. But sometimes I wished we talked about real things. I wish I could easily talk about my father, about your ex-boyfriend, about your mother, about whatever you want, but these subjects are too much for us.

I don’t understand either, I wish I knew how to though.

I like to bang out the words on my laptop. It makes it sound like a typewriter.


3 Responses to “do we sit by the light, alone”

  1. 1 mlshiira
    The Creator of the Universe made you, loves you, will listen to you, and knows how to fix you. He will take all your burdens and replace them with His mercy. He is waiting.

  2. 2 plasticroses

    That was really unhelpful.

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