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bum da da dum


Barack Obama gives me goosebumps. I share his vision of the future and have full faith in him. I’m in love with his desire to help the middle class and focus on education and get out of stupid wars. I just watched his little infomercial thing and I fail to comprehend him losing this election. […]

Professor: What are the molecules for life? *Absolute silence* Professor: That’s right, proteins and, you guessed it, nucleic acids. Oh, it was hilarious. I really kind of thought DNA was amazing, but now it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. I guess nothing ever is.




I worry a lot, but you would never notice. I just want to talk to someone who understands. Not just someone who cares, or who listens. Someone who knows how to fix me. I’m pretty sure that person doesn’t exist. Not just for me, but for everyone. It’s not that I don’t enjoy staying awake […]



Jamie: Why are you ripping your chicken into little pieces? Angie: I don’t know. Don’t judge me! Jamie: Too late. Ain’t that the truth! “As we sat there listening to the carolers, I wanted to tell Brian that it was over now and that everything would be okay. But that was a lie, plus I […]

the afternoon


I got my first B on a Latin test today. What a bummer. Three straight semesters of A’s and then… this. It was an 89%. I should be trying harder. I don’t even have a story to write for the paper this week and I’m not spending time studying or doing homework, but I stay […]