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Today I watched a lone ant crawl along the sidewalk. You don’t see a lone ant very often, it was big too, at least an inch long. I worried that it was lonely. And then I thought, maybe it just wanted to see the world. You know? Maybe it came from a small town and […]

what it means


It’s nice getting some coffee and a muffin and sitting outside waiting for class to begin, listening to Fiona Apple, The Cloud Room, Irving, and the beautiful boy with the beautiful guitar. It would be nice everday but I would probably spend too much money having a coffee and a muffin everyday and besides, I’d […]



“It was a pure and true thing and that’s not normal.” Cat on a Hot Tin Roof was sad, was real life, was the ultimate affair of all things. Except maybe not. Maybe life isn’t always so sad and full of mendacity. Maybe sometimes it’s happy, sometimes it’s not. All we do is peddle through […]



Having faith in yourself is a lotta work. It helps when your mom is awesome. I can’t wait to go home this weekend. Why is this year so much harder? Sometimes I’m afraid I’ll never write a real story ever. I’ll just have useless ideas for the rest of my life. I guess that’s why […]